Online catalogue

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The microbial groups are listed according to the letter code:

A = Brewer's yeasts
B = Baker's yeasts
C = Other yeasts
D = Filamentous fungi
E = Bacteria

The strains are listed alphabetically according to their scientific names. In their VTT accession numbers, the first two numbers correspond to the year of deposition. Within each microbial group, strains are arranged numerically according to the three (numbers up to 999) or four (numbers from 1000) last numbers. Type strains are indicated by T at the end of the VTT code.

The strain data presented are:

  • Scientific name
  • Authors and validation
  • Alternate state (usually anamorph name) for yeasts and filamentous fungi
  • Synonyms (bacteria: basonym or other former name(s) of the species; fungi: obligate synonyms)
  • VTT code (see above)
  • Strain designation; the designation (laboratory code) given to the strain by scientist/depositor
  • Other codes; accession numbers in other collections or other previously used codes
  • Status; information is given if the strain is (or was) the type strain of a species
  • Yeast type (see above, some special groups are also indicated, e.g. sour dough, wine yeast, GMO)
  • Risk group
  • Source; source and location of isolation or host strain of a GMO strain
  • Depositor; institute or collection from which the strain was received
  • Information; additional information and studies followed by references
  • Growth conditions; media and growth conditions used