Deposit of microorganisms for patent purposes under the regulations of the Budapest Treaty in VTT Culture Collection

VTT Culture Collection (VTTCC) accepts under the regulations of the Budapest Treaty for patent purposes deposits of bacteria and fungi, which can be preserved at -150 °C or in freeze-dried state without significant damage to or loss of their properties or viability. Only organisms belonging to risk groups 1 or 2 according to Directive 2000/54/EC on the protection of workers from risks related to exposure to biological agents at work, and genetically modified microorganisms belonging to class 1 according to Directive 2009/41/EC on the contained use of genetically modified microorganisms will be accepted.

Biological material cannot be accepted, if it is contaminated by foreign organisms. Mixtures of maximum two microorganisms will be accepted in case these a) cannot be cultivated separately as pure cultures and b) can easily be distinguished macroscopically or microscopically. VTTCC reserves the right to refuse to accept for deposit any material which in its view represents an unacceptable hazard or which it cannot process.

Prior to sending the strain for patent deposit, please contact Dr. Irina Tsitko for further information of the patent deposit procedure. The viability and purity of the strain will be checked by VTTCC before it can be officially deposited in the collection, please remember to reserve enough time for this. Upon deposit, the depositor has to fill in the following form (MS Word), print it and send the signed form to the address below.

Additional information

Irina Tsitko
VTT Culture Collection
Senior Scientist
P.O. Box 1000
Tel.: +358-(0)20-722 7517
Fax: +358-(0)20-722 7001

Fees for patent deposits under the Budapest Treaty:

Accession and deposit (including initial viability check, preservation and storage for 30 years) 900 €
Conversion of a deposit made outside of the Budapest Treaty into a deposit according to Budapest Treaty 900 €
Issuance of a viability statement:
   Where a viability test is requested 120 €
   On the basis of last viability test 50 €
Furnishing of a sample 170 €
Communication of information 50 €
Issuance of an attestation 120 €

Fees do not include VAT, transport costs or bank fees.