Prices valid from 25.9.2019

Freeze-dried culture 250 €
Active culture 350 €
Active culture, anaerobes 400 €
When 10 or more strains are ordered at the same time:
Freeze-dried culture 200 €
Active culture 300 €
Active culture, anaerobes 350 €
GMO strains on request
Yeast deliveries to breweries on request
Handling fee per 1-10 strains, including packaging, transport and banking, EU/non-EU 30/60 €
Handling and transport of strains belonging to biohazard group 2 170/250 €
Safe Deposit, preservation of strain and first year of storage 500 €
Annual maintenance 100 €
Isolation of strain, purification of mixed cultures (based on amount of work) on request
Phenotypic characterisation on request
Identification, characterisation, DNA fingerprinting of bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi:
MALDI-TOF on request
Partial or complete 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis of bacteria on request
Partial sequence analysis of yeasts and filamentous fungi on request
DNA fingerprinting of bacteria and yeasts (RAPD/microsatellite-PCR) on request
Genomic DNA on request

Shipments comply with international regulations concerning transportation of biological material. Therefore, transportation to certain destinations may be subject to an additional surcharge and deliveries to some destinations cannot be undertaken.

Any additional documents or certificates needed for the authorities of the receiving country will be at the expense of the customer and should be communicated when ordering.

Transport of strains belonging to biohazard group 2 must comply with the UN regulations for correct packaging and shipping of Dangerous Goods and are always shipped by courier.

Value added tax (VAT) will be added to the prices, when applicable.