Welcome to VTT Culture Collection, an international bioresource centre. VTT Culture Collection has been established 1959, and it has been a member of the European Culture Collections' Organisation (ECCO) since 1984, and of the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) since 1985. VTT Culture Collection was registered in the World Data Centre for Microorganims as number WDCM 139. VTT Culture Collection has a strong background for meeting the demands of the users of biological resource centres, both for scientific, applied and industrial purposes. The collections host together more than 6000 bacteria, fungi, and plant cell cultures. Pure cultures are delivered worldwide, and for bacteria and fungi confidential safe deposit services and patent deposits are also offered.

The collection services include identification of microorganisms and consulting. VTTCC and its personnel is also an active partner in industrial and scientific research involving biodiversity and utilisation of microbial and plant cells.

Quality management

VTT has a quality management system in place certified under the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015. Compliance with this standard requires that we have authorised traceable documented procedures for all our activities. The VTT operating system is also certified according to the environmental management system standard ISO 14001:2015 and occupational health and safety management system standard ISO 45001:2018. The certificates cover research, technology transfer, consultation services and the development of new technology.


Some biological material is confidential and distributed only to the depositors or with their written permission. Consultation, identification and characterisation services are confidential.

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Bacterial and fungal collections

The microbial collections cover a wide biodiversity including more than 800 bacterial species belonging to 225 genera and more than 600 fungal species from 255 genera of filamentous fungi and yeasts. The majority of strains originate from VTT research projects, but reference strains from other sources are also included.
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Plant Cell Culture Collection

VTT Plant Cell Culture Collection consists of approximately 20 different plant species, which are being maintained at VTT premises. Our collection includes medicinal and crop plant species as well as a wide variety of arctic berry cell cultures. The cultures are maintained and preserved either as callus, cell suspension or as hairy root cultures.
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Additional information

Microbial collections:
Dr. Irina Tsitko
Senior Scientist
E-mail: culture.collection@vtt.fi

Plant cell cultures:
Heiko Rischer
Research Team Leader
E-mail: plant.collection@vtt.fi

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